We offer a variety of perforating options to our customers, and will deliver the best results due to our high quality control standards. Whether your perforating needs are a simple squeeze shot or slick gun run, or your procedures call for the most sophisticated multi-shot strings, Rush Wellsite Services has an established track record of consistent, high-quality results. We provide perforating services for vertical or horizontal applications, and can configure customized gun strings for any procedure including multi-shot pumpdown runs using analog switches or our select-fire system.

  • Wireline Conveyed – All of our wireline trucks are equipped with 30,000 ft of 9/32” or ¼” wire to cover the longest laterals during pumpdown operations or to provide perforating services in even the deepest of vertical wells.
  • Tubing Conveyed – We provide both Time-Delay and Direct-Pressure firing systems for your tubing conveyed perforating needs
  • Coiled Tubing Conveyed – We are able to provide staff and equipment for your coiled tubing conveyed plug setting/retrieving and perforating needs as well

We use only the highest quality perforating charges, carriers, and switches, and maintain a high level of focused quality control to ensure deliverability.